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 INTERLINK Language Centers

Mission Statement We provide intensive English instruction, academic preparation, and cross-cultural training, to empower students to succeed in academic, professional, and personal realms. With standards of quality and fairness as our guides, we promote enhanced learning and higher order thinking skills, grounded in an ethos of service.Read More


Cross-culture INTERLINK directors and teachers help students open wide the beckoning windows and doors of Possibility. English language acquisition is the lever. Cross-cultural learning is the view beyond. At INTERLINK, we invite and prepare the student to begin a life-long pilgrimage of learning. It must begin well. Linguistic competency and academic skills provide important preparation…Read More


Curriculum From its inception, INTERLINK’s goals have been broader and deeper than those of typical English language programs. Fostering cultural awareness, personal growth and academic readiness has been as important to INTERLINK as improving students’ linguistic skills. This curriculum views learning not as the accumulation of data but as a dynamic process of personal growth…Read More


History INTERLINK Language Centers (INTERLINK) was founded in 1979 in Princeton, New Jersey. Originally incorporated under the name of INTERLINK Associates (ILA), the organization provided academic placement of international students, and cross-cultural training and orientation for mid-level professionals moving for the first time to another culture...Read More


Program Description The INTERLINK curriculum emphasizes independent language learning, academic preparation, and cultural awareness; the language component of the curriculum focuses on listening, speaking, reading, writing, and skills necessary for successful academic and social adjustment in the U.S. Conditional admission is available to academically qualified students who graduate from the INTERLINK program…Read More


Program Goals INTERLINK language programs are designed to offer the following: Intensive English language training for university-bound students as well as those who need to improve their English for personal and professional reasons in a student-centered, nurturing environment…Read More


Conditional Admission Academically qualified students planning to study at INTERLINK may be admitted conditionally to a select group of universities. Upon meeting the conditions as specified in the university’s conditional admission letter, a student may be admitted as a regular student…Read More


Special Features Highly motivated and academically qualified students, scholars, business people, and professionals. A select group of full-time, dedicated faculty with MA degrees in ESL or Linguistics, cross-cultural training and experience, and commitment to a student-centered philosophy. A five-level curriculum emphasizing content-based learning, academic & cross-cultural skills, and the communicative use of EnglishRead More


Professional Standards All US INTERLINK Language Centers are accredited by the Commission on English Language Accreditation (CEA), recognized by the US Secretary of Education as a national accrediting agency for US Language programs and institutionsRead More


Placement Testing, Level Assessment, and Promotion On Monday or Tuesday of the first week, all new students take placement tests.  These tests help us determine a student’s level(s).  There are four tests:  Reading, writing, listening, and an oral interview.  After the tests are scored, new students are placed in levels. During the first week of classes, teachers do further assessment, to try to make sure the tests gave an accurate measure of a student’s language skillsRead More


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