September 30, 2014


The professionals that make up INTERLINK strive to offer the best method of teaching and are always concerned about the well being of students.
– Lucas Vitorino, Student

INTERLINK makes me feel at home and in the rest of the world at the same time! It is not just about learning English; it is also about learning who you are. You will have one of the best experiences of your life and get to know people from different cultures, so you will get to know  the best  from other countries. It will do a lot for your world knowledge.
– Paolo Henrique, Student

INTERLINK provides students with a lot of activities to help us adapt to American life as soon as possible and make our student lives more colorful.  I think INTERLINK also does well in preparing us to attend ISU.
– Po-Wueh, Student

I love working at INTERLINK because of the students. They work so hard and make so much progress in such little time. Luckily, the flexibility of the curriculum allows me to focus exactly on what each class – and each student – needs.
– Kylie Carrithers, Teacher

In my time working at INTERLINK, I’ve really enjoyed interacting with the international students, who show me a new way of looking at the world. I’ve also enjoyed the projects in the curriculum, which I find are very practical in preparing our students for their future university studies. As a newer teacher at ISU, I’ve also found the other teachers and staff to be a great support network.
– Michael Mutti, Teacher

I like working at INTERLINK because of the emphasis on communicative methods of teaching language and cross-cultural education. I feel that teaching at INTERLINK allows me to be creative and encourages me to think about my students as people who not only need to be prepared for the classroom but also to be members of a wider community.
– McKay Barrow, Teacher


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