May 15, 2014



FAQ American Consortium of Universities Visa

Upon arrival, all INTERLINK students receive a two-day orientation to the program, campus and city of Terre Haute. A representative from ISU Housing answers students’ questions about campus housing options and policies, a representative from the bank on campus assists students who desire to open a bank account, and ISU and INTERLINK students give a campus tour.

Health Services
INTERLINK students have full access to the university health center. Students on student visas are required by ISU and the State of Indiana to have medical insurance. The cost of the INTERLINK plan is $393 per 9 week term. If students are covered by other plans, that coverage must be equal to or better than that of the INTERLINK plan, and the provider must have offices located in the United States. Students are required to show proof that their own insurance meets these requirements.

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