May 15, 2014


Conversation Partner Program: Expand your world with international students!

Purpose. The program offers non-native English speaking students a chance to learn outside of the classroom with native English speaking peers. This is a casual experience to learn about a new culture. You have a lot to share about your upbringing and you have a lot to learn about someone else’s background! Share your current successes on campus and in the classroom. Note: this is not intended to be a homework help service.

Participate. Any ISU or INTERLINK student is welcome to join the program. There is a rolling application, but most participants are paired during the months of September and February. We ask that participants be willing to meet with their partner at least once a week for three months. There are no language requirements to participate. Come as you are; share what you have; learn what you can!

Process. Sign up by filling out this short form at You will receive an email from INTERLINK with further details. Each applicant is vetted through the INTERLINK office before being matched with a non-native English speaking student. This process may take a few weeks, so please be patient.

Policy. Participants are expected to be respectful, courteous, and positive role models. If at any time, your partner makes you uncomfortable or does not respect your wishes, contact the INTERLINK office. We will confront the issues and potentially switch your partner.

INTERLINK reserves the right to turn away applicants from the program if a match cannot be made. Applicants are welcome to join in on other student activities to make international friends on their own.


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